Gloria Glitzer

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25 EUR
Diogenes is an artists book by ShoboShobo (Mehdi Hercberg), designed by Alexander Fuchs and published by Gloria Glitzer. On 50 pages it shows marker drawings and water colours riso printed in black on white and colored papers. Size: 26.5x18cm, Edition of 150

»Mehdi Hercberg is a Paris-based artist and illustrator whose sobriquet, Shoboshobo, is Japanese for ›gloomy‹. His images are likewise pessimistic: lumpy-bodied dispirited people and other anthropomorphic figures who interact anxiously and sometimes violently with one another. In this risograph printed publication, Shoboshobo pays homage to his glum precursor, the cynic philosopher Diogenes who slept in barrel and lived a stoic lifestyle that involved defecating and masturbating in the public marketplace.« (Printed Matter)

Photography by Alexander Fuchs