Gloria Glitzer

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»J.G.P.C.« is an artzine showing drawings and pictures by Jay Gard. This Publication was developed in close cooperation with Gloria Glitzer.

»The objects of Jay Gard illustrate provocatively a bypass of the different context; they are located at a crossroad of art and usefulness. This is probably the reason why his work has the capability to function in an existing everyday environment; his work is not solely meant to span a privileged space. His work is equal to us and to the objects, which we are familiar with regarding character and dimension. In a sense this character trait could be described as being social, yet at the same time anarchistic. The only now discovered functionality of an alleged furniture mutates instantaneously into a space and confronts us with a sculpture, with the fact of being art. « — Franziska Brandt

Drawings by Jay Gard, Concept by Jay Gard & Gloria Glitzer, Text by Franziska Brandt, Translation by Cloudy, Design by Moritz Grünke, Printing by We make it

Booklet: Format 20 × 28 cm, 24 pages, 9 color risograph print on 120gsm paper, including 2 offset printed images on glossy paper, stapled · Poster: Format 42 × 59,4 cm, 4 color offset on 100gsm glossy paper · print run 100 · 2013