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MINE. an asset-light existence

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The artzine »MINE. an asset-light existence« is a work by the set designers Romy Kießling and Veronica Wüst in co-operation with Gloria Glitzer.

»We will provide a sensation of privacy you might have lost.

›MINE. an asset-light existence‹ is a travel catalogue offering private home rentals near significant mines worldwide.«

The Artzine includes contributions by Boaz Levin, Marcus Steinweg and María Verónica Seeger Bravo.

This publication has 36 pages with 18 glued-in, offset printed images and a sheet of digital printed stickers on transparent foil. Beside the images and the stickers the publication was risograph printed in 6 colors (blue, burgundy, yellow, brown, green and black) on a thin 60gsm paper, a rough 90gsm paper and a smooth 170gsm paper. Format: 20 × 28cm.

Designed & Printed by We make it

Gloria Glitzer
Oh No — Artists who do books
Gloria Glitzer is based in Berlin
and operated by the artists Franziska Brandt and Moritz Grünke.
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