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25 EUR
Artists’ book by Patrick Knuchel, Sascha Herrman and Moritz Grünke
Edition of 35 copies · 21x29.7cm (closed) · 120 pages · 1 color Risography · pad stapled

This publication was developed on June 16th, 2018 in occasion of the exhibition PERLMUTT ABALONE, showing works by Patrick Knuchel.

This Publication can be read as an extention of the exhibition space. The images in this publication are taken from the artworks shown at Heit.
The collages in this publication are remixes, sampled from the photograms by Patrick Knuchel.

At the same time the exhibition was transformed and rearanged in context of a performance. At the end of the day this artists’ book became part of the show.

Photography: Patrick Knuchel
Performance: Sascha Herrmann
Collages: Moritz Grünke